Machine Manufacturing

Различные промышленные станки, например, механические станки, оборудование для обработки пластика, металло- и деревообрабатывающие станки, оборудование для производства пищевых продуктов и напитков, упаковочные машины

HARTING Connectors in Foil Production

Faultless Connections in Foil Production


HARTING Connectors - Power Supplier for Laser Cutting Systems

Laser cutting systems do offer a high degree of precision within modern manufacturing. …


HARTING Connectors in Wafer Scanner

Leading manufacturers of lithography systems (wafer scanners) rely on innovative …


Reduction in Costs by Decentralisation according to DESINA®

The KAPP group, headquartered in Coburg, is a leading manufacturer of machine tools …


HARAX® at Thyssen-Norte – Production process improvement

Thyssen Norte has restructured its manufacturing operations through the implementation of …


Industrial Image processing and Industrial Connectors for Truck Toll System VITRONIC and HARTING share Common Goals

Gantry-mounted toll systems will soon become a familiar sight for users of Germany‘s …


Photo Transmission with Han-Modular® Connectors

The Ziehm 8000 is a state of the art mobile C-arm – well regarded for its mobility and …


Han-Snap® - Mounting System Switch Cabinets

In response to end customer needs machine manufacturers are building equipment to a …


HARAX®-Rapid Termination Technology for Sensor / Actuator Boxes

The proven HARAX® insulation displacement connector technology simplifies the connection …