Family-owned company

HARTING has been a 100% family-owned business since it was founded by Wilhelm and Marie Harting in 1945. A management transition has taken place from the second to the third generation of the family, in accordance with our vision to remain an independent family business. Philip Harting, as a personally liable partner and board member of the Connectivity & Networks division, has taken over the executive chairman position from his father Dietmar, also a personally liable partner and now a board member of "Future and New Technologies". Philip Harting now leads the Techology Group together with his mother Margrit, his sister Maresa Harting-Hertz, personally liable partner and board member of the Finance and Purchasing department, and other non-family managers.

Philip F. W. Harting - Chairman of the Board

Maresa Harting-Hertz - Senior Vice President Finance and Global Purchasing

Dietmar Harting - Member of the Board, Partner

Margrit Harting - Member of the Board, Partner

Philip Harting

Philip Harting embarked on his career at HARTING in 2005 as Managing Director Asia. …


Maresa Harting-Hertz

Maresa Harting-Hertz has been responsible for Finance and Purchasing since 2007 and …


Dietmar Harting

After joining the company in 1967, Dietmar Harting was initially engaged in the …


Margrit Harting

Margrit Harting entered the company as managing partner in 1987. Today, she holds the …